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You can buy the full version of the book Emotional Science at the fixed price of $9.99, but we've also chosen to make the book available online, without a pay wall.

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The idea is, "We cannot know what the book is worth to you, so we're not sure a fixed price makes much sense." It's an experiment in abundance where we trust that when we give, we will also receive.

So here is the experiment: We give you the book, and you give back whatever it was been worth to you.

1: Put a note in your calendar some time in the future (say in a month's time) to consider what you'd like to gift back, if you liked the book. (This website will send you an automatic mail a month after download, but don't count on it to remind you. These emails often get lost or filtered out).

2: Fill out the form below to download the book.

* The content of the book itself is copyrighted. Please don't forward the copy you download to other people, but refer them to this page instead.

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Thank you for joining the experiment of pay-what-feels-right.

We hope you find this a rewarding experience, and that you enjoy the book.