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Looking for something to take you to the next level?

Emotional Science gives you the step-by-step practical How-To for increasing your emotional intelligence.

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Why Emotional Science is Needed

1: Have you ever noticed someone with a strong emotional reaction to a situation?

2: Ever wonder why people who are in an emotionally charged state don’t seem to listen to logical reasoning?

3: Do you experience obstacles to your success?

4: Are relationships in your life challenging?

5: Have you experienced your emotions taking over when relating to others?

6: Do you desire to be more calm in challenging situations?

7: Is it possible that your belief system is not actually based on the truth of how your emotions work?

8: Do you desire to be more calm in challenging situations?

“We all search for a life filled with great health success, and amazing relationships. Unlocking high performance requires a new set of operating characteristics. This requires a deep shift in mindset to create a transformed way of being that liberates personal leadership. How you show up and take control of your life depends on you. Join us for an experiential journey to unlock high performance. You hold the key.”

Audree Tara Sahota
Co-author of Emotional Science
Conscious Leadership Consultant, Agilitrix

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